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  Ustad Awalmeer
Ustad Awalmeer

Ustad Awalmeer was born in 1931 in the city of Peshawar, British India). Awalmeer was an not only a staple on Afghan national radio as a singer, but he was a composer, musician and poet who wrote many beautiful patriotic songs and melodies in his native pashto language.

Awalmeer's mother died when Awalmeer was an child. He valued education and msuic and graduated from High School.

He pursued music by becoming a disciple of Ustad Jafar Khan of Peshawar. During is tenure as a student, Awalmeer performed at several concerts. His popularity grew so much that he was invited by the Peshawar Radio to perform live. His first recorded song was "My Heart Has Broken Pieces".

At the age of 18 Awalmeer visited Kabul to perform at the 1949 Independence Day concert. His popularity grew as a favorite of the people, amongst his fans were then prime minister Daud Khan. He received the title of Ustad from the Ministry of Culture and Information of Afghanistan. He fell in love with the city of Kabul and sought to reside in the city and worked for the Radio Kabul.

At Radio Kabul he met the rewound Pasto poet Malang Jon, and in collaboration with Malang Jon, Awalmeer composed and recorded over 250 songs on Radio Kabul.

His songs "Da Zemong Zeba Wattan" composed by Ustad Zakhil and "Wattan Janat Nishan" earned him the prime minister's prize for most patriotic song.

After the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. He saw what had become of his beloved Afghanistan first hand. He lost his desire so sing and spent the rest of his days as a beggar on the streets of Kabul. Awalmeer passed away on April 24, 1982 as a homeless beggar on the main street of Kabul.


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