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  Ustad Gholam Hussain

Ustad  Gholam Hussin SarahangSource: Afghanland.com Ustad Gholam Hussain was born in 1887 in the city of Peshawar. His father, Atta Hussain was in the Grocery business and his mother was a homemaker. 

Gholam Hussain was primarily educated by his older brother Abdul Hakim (Abdulla Jon, after which he enrolled in British Indiaís public schools where he began to learn music.  In the British education system, music was part of the curriculum.

Gholam Hussain pursued music as a major and later graduated from the school of music in Peshawar. He was hired as the Vice President the musical division of the circus. 

Gholam Hussain was among the group that traveled to Kabul when Amir Sher Ali Khan, the king of Afghanistan invited the circus to perform at the wedding of prince Shah Mahmood Khan in Kabul. Their plans to return to Peshawar were postponed for the wedding of Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan and other high profiled royals. 

Singing  to the queen behind a curtain that divided the women from the men, Gholam Hussain was dubbed the court singer of Queen Sarwar Sultan, the wife of King Habibullah and Mother of King Amanullah.  With his new position Gholam Hussain wanted his family to be closer to him.  He requested this and was granted his request. Upon the arrival of his family in Kabul, Hussainís father successfully opened a grocery store. His brother Abdulla Jon became the Assistant doctor to the court medical team.

According to Afghanland.com's sources, Gholam Hussain married in 1923 and was blessed with 3 daughters and 2 sons including Ustad Mohammad Hussain Sarahang (1924) and Khadam Hussain who lived until his death in Peshawar.

Hussain received his title of Ustad (Master) from Ustad Imamuddin Gawalia and later opened the second school of music relative to the School of Ustad Qasim Afghan and began seeking students. 

In 1926 Ustad Hussain began teaching at Istiqlal College. During the fall of King Amanullah to the Bandit Leader Kalakani, Ustad Hussain fled to Peshawar and began teaching his style of music at his newly established school. Ustad Ahmad Bakhsh, Khan Mohammad and Shafi Mohammad were amongst his students.

Hussainís wife passed away in Peshawar. His family stayed there for a short time, and upon the request of the New King of Afghanistan, Nadir Shah, Ustad Gholam Hussain retuned to Kabul. Days after his return he sent his son Mohammad Hussain to India to seek the knowledge of classical music from Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan in the city of Punjab British India.

Ustad Gholam Hussain re-married and was blessed with 2 sons, Nessar Hussain and Mokhtar Hussain who chose to live in Peshawar.

 In 1949 with the establishment of Radio Kabul, Ustad Gholam Hussain became the producer of Eastern music department of the newly established Radio Kabul. In 1955 Ustad Gholam Hussain was appointed as a professor of Physical Education at Istiqlal College.

Ustad Gholam Hussain passed away at the age of 80 in July 18 1967. Prime Minister Maiwandwal called the death of Ustad Gholam Hussain a great loss for our nation that leaves a great void in many lives. Ustad Hussain was honored at Radio Kabul by displaying his statue alongside Ustad Qasim Afghan as the pioneers of Afghan Music .

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