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  Hakim Ludin
Hakim Ludin Percussionist

The modern jazz'n'world percussionist started his musical career with a classical orchestral education at the conservatory of Karlsruhe in Germany. After completing his degree, he played in several jazz and avant-garde formations and began composing music for well known theatre groups in Germany. Besides his own projects, studio work and appearances on television, he has performed with highly acclaimed jazz musicians Jonas Hellborg (bass John Mc Laughlin), Terry Bozzio (Drummer Frank Zappa), Alex Acuna (Weather Report) and Luis Conte (Yellow Jackets). As a studio musician he can be heard on several releases. Hakim is regularly called upon to act as the musical director for the international jazz and drum seminar at the Bayerische Musikakademie Marktoberdorf in Germany. As an author, he has published three instructional books on congas and percussion instruments, Flying Congas (IMP Warner), Congas & Bongos and Percussion (both Verlag Müller/Burger). They are considered to be one of the basic works on percussion.

Hakim has been the musical director at the International Rhythm-Seminar at Marktoberdorf (Germany) with the following artists: Terry Bozzio, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Chad Wackermann, Luis Conte and Alex Acuna in 1994, 96, 98, 2000 and 2002. He performed at the
International Percussion-Festival in Warschau Poland and at Documenta 11 in Kassel in 2002. In 2001 he performed at the Journeés de la Percussion in Paris and in 2000 at the PASIC European Meeting in Sofia. He perfomed at the Jazz Festival in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1999.

Hakim's current projects include Planet Lounge, a collaboration with jazz piano player Christoph Spendel and the sound artist Naoki Kenji. The first CD of this formation will be played on the Entertainment Program of Lufthansa Airlines. Another project is Blue Cave, a collaborative work in global thinking with with the Blues-Harpist, Chris Kramer. The first set of concerts of this formation at the Balver Höhle met with overwhelming audience and critical acclaim. Solo performance Roots of Drums is another of Hakim's projects.

In the field of modern jazz'n'world percussion, Hakim Ludin has established a new level of artistic work in percussive art. His sensitive approach to playing and colourful musical images are on high demand on live stages as well as in recording studios. Inspired by deep emotion, his magical sound can be called "lyrical jazz". Hakim Ludin works with Zildjian Cymbals/Sticks, AKG microphones and Remo heads and currently lives in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Rengineh (2003; with Zarbang Ensemble)
Blue Cave (2002; Blow till Midnight Musikverlag)
Electric Bolero (2002; LIQUID LOUNGE - Elektrolux/ZOMBA)
Masala (2001; Blue Flame Records, BMG)
Journey (2000; Blow Til Midnight Musikverlag)
Peace for Kabul (1996; Blue Flame Records, Warner Chappell)
One World Percussion (1996; Selected Sound, Emi)
The Silk Road (1996; Brother Records)
Binafschar (1995; Blue Flame Records, Warner Chappell)
Unchain My Harp (1993; Vollton Musikverlag; Friedemann Witecka)
Tracks (1991; Valle Venia; Leo Philipp Schmidt)
Avenida Atlantica (1990; Musikverlag Burger & Müller/Karlsruhe)

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