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  Ustad Hafizullah Khyal
Ustad Hafizullah KhyalAfghanland.com: Kabul, the rugged capital of a land-locked nation Afghanistan, Was blessed with another inhabitant in 1931. His name was Hafizullah.

He received his early education in his native city .his special aptitude towards music became

Apparent at the young age of seven, making him a fixture of all culture- related activities of his



With the movement of time and training, the Radio Afghanistan authorities invited hafizullah at age nineteen.


Marked with devotion, he chose to become a student of a well-known Maestro of the indo-Pakistan region, Salamat Ali Khan.Ustad Salamat had a multi faceted Personality .he was a living legend in classical singing; he was a gifted teacher also. So hafiz learned the intricacies of singing from one of the best sources. He was able to marvel in two Areas specially: ghazal & thumry.


Blessed with his able teacher’s blessings and teachings, hafiz Started leaving an impact of his own personality. His knowledge was deep, and his techniques were varied. So the music lovers started referring to him as Ustad Khyal and not just Hafizullah Khyal.



Ustad Khyal and Abdul Wahab MadadiA well-traveled artist, Ustad Khyal has performed in a number of places In India and Pakistan, e.g. bhopal, Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Karachi, Lahore, Lucknow and Madras. He has won hearts by performing in Bulgaria, china, Iran, Iraq, Japan, England, France Germany, north Korea, Poland, Russia and the former Czechoslovakia.


He was declared the best singer of the eight- nation music-theater workshop held by UNISCO in 1976, he is also a permanent member of UNISCO`s music department. He has retired from the radio and TV of Afghanistan as the music Director. He has the singular honor of having received a medal of honor from Afghanistan’s

Last king, Zahir Shah.


According to Afghanland.com, His compositions have been sung by almost all of the major singers. To name a few: Ustad Sarahang , Ustad Shaida , Ustad Yaqub Qasimi,Ustad Ulyaf Hussain , Ustad Hamaahang , Sharif Ghazal , Ahmad Zahir , Rahim Mehryar , Rahim Ghafary , Ahmad Wali, Haider Salim , Rahim Jahaany , Habib Sharif , Omar Shakeb , Zahir Howaida , Sarban , Shahrawan , Wahid Zaland , Jawad Ghaziyar , Paikaan , Nashenas , Mermon Parween , Ustad Mahwash , Zhilla , Rokhshana , Afsana , Nahid , Parastu , Parisa Morsal , Salmaa , Freshta , In Indo -Pak Region :Farida Khanom , Iqbal Banu , Mohd.Rafi , Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jahaan.


His art has a universal appeal so his audience comes from all ranks of the

Society. Currently he performs and teaches in New York City, his newly adopted home.


Ustad Khyal`s singing is a cascade of rejuvenation which instills joy.


By professor aimen mamoon (khyal biography)

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