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  Ustad Shaida
Ustad ShaidaUstad Ghulam Datagir Shaida

Ghulam Dastageer Shaida was born in 1917 in Char Deh area of kabul. He is the son of rubab player Khalifa Qurban Ali. Ghulam Dastageer was keen to music and at the age of 9 started taking lessons from his uncle Ustad Nowroz and Ustad Ghulam Hussain and thereafter sought the tutelage of Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan in Pahnawar India.

After his return to Kabul, he selected the best of classical poems and composed them into Rogs and song. He enjoyed music so much and would lose himself into performance, by violently jolting his his arms and moving his head that his lesions gave him the title of Gulam Dastageer e Diwana (The Crazy One). One of his biggest fans granted the title of "Shaida" which stuck with him till the end.

In 1948 and in 1968 Shaida was granted a scholarship to study eastern classical music at the music scool of Banarass India. After his rerurn to Kabul, Shaida recieved the title of Ustad after winning a music competition that year.

Ustad Shaid passed away in 1971 after returning from a wedding in Qarabagh north of Kabul. His students include (son) Wahid Shaidai, Hamahang, Latifa Rana, Alam Showqi and other

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