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General Yunos Khan: Major Afghan General of the National Army
Prince Ibrahim: Son of Adam, a mystical prince and a sufi darwish.
Kamaluddin Behzad: Afghanistan's most famous painter of the 1500s
Baba Farid Was an Afghan Sufi master who enlighten his students from Kabul to Delhi
Abdul Khaliq Hazara: The assassin of King Nader Shah
Afghans Discovered America According to new research, afghans discovered America a thousand years before Columbus.
Malalai of Maiwand The woman who changed the course of history in Afghanistan
Hamid Karzai's 2005 Cabinet Karzai announces his cabinet
Biographies of Afghan Leaders Leaders of Afghanistan from 1700 to present
Ibn Sina Avicenna a world famous afghan physician, philosopher, and scientist
Meena a revolutionist fighting for the rights of afghan women
Zalmay Khalilzad Most famous Afghan American politician
Who is Hamid Karzai? First president of The Islamic republic of Afghanistan
Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal Prime minister of Afghanistan
Sima Samar: A short Biography courageous woman who has helped Afghans inside and outside Afghanistan
Ulugbek A Prince & Astronomer The astronomer who first discovered the Sun as the center of our universe
Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan: the founding father of Islamic modernism
Zahir Shah & JFK Meeting 1963 John F Kennedy invited the former king of Afghanistan to Washington
Mir Gholam Mohammad Ghobar Historian and first author to publish a general history book on afghanistan
Abdullah Malikyar a beloved politician and public servant who worked all his life to improve the standard of living for Afghans
Wazir Gul Khan Momand a wazir under king Amanullah khan reformed the afghan education system
Artist Biographies Famous Afghan Musician, Composers, Masters and Artists
Afghanistan in Crisis timeline a timeline of afghan events

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