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  Abdul Khaliq Hazara

Abdul Khaliq was born in the chindawol area of Kabul. His family had a close relationship with Charkhi family, specially Ghulam Nabi Charkhi. It was Ghulam Nabi who encouraged Abdul Khaliq's parents to allow him to attend school at the Habibia high school.


Khaliq witness the rise of Nader Shah and the blind assassinations of Afghanistan's intellectuals and politicians by Nader Shah. Nader who was a general of King Amanullah Khan, was summoned by Amanullah to fight against Habibullah Kalakani and restore the monarchy, but instead Nader proclaimed himself king. He systematically hand-picked supporters of Amanullah Khan and imprisoned them. For years he plucked any person who he would think would someday stand against his reign were eliminated. The wrath of Nader was over anyone not of the Mohammadzai tribe, his targets included the former king and his pashtun clans, the tajiks of the north and the hazaras of central Afghanistan.


In 1933 Khaliq's mother dies and the sorrow builds inside him. He sees his father as a frail man, his uncle sells Ice Water on the streets of Kabul and sees himself with a bleak future in Afghanistan under Nader Shah's rule. He decides to take matters in to his own hands and assassinate the King of Afghanistan.

Hi first attempt was at the independence day gather at the Eidgah mosque but Nader does not attend. A few months later opportunity arises when Nader Shah invites athletes of Habiba High school to the palace to distributor medals for their achievements. Khaliq is one of the attendees and see no security and search unit at the gates. He rides his bike back to the Pamir Cinema area and brings the gun which belong to his friend Is'haq Sherdel.

Khaliq returns with the gun wrapped in a handkerchief hidden in his pocket and stands behind Is'haq Sherdel and Mahmood. The National flag was lower and Nader Shah entered the rose garden. He examined the medals table and walked over towards the students. Khaliq reaches in his pocket and pulls his gun, points at Nader Shah and pulls the trigger, First bullet hits Nader in his mouth. 2nd shot pierces his heart and the 3rd cuts through his lung. The guards rush towards Khaliq and 4th bullet his a guard. He throws the gun at Nader as the guards rush to arrest him.


Shah Mahmood, Nader's brother order the arrest of over 400 Habibia students and by executive decree order all students to death. A soldier in the national guard convinces Mahmood that the kids are innocents and release them at once.

Khaliq was imprisoned and tortured and during torture he gave up the names of his accomplices. khaliq was given a trial in which he gave the names of all his friends and family members as acropolises. This has been questioned by the lone survivor of the Khaliq family.  He was eventually sentenced to death along with 16 others. Majority Khaliq's family, Charkha family, were taken to deh mazang prison.

At the execution site 16 nooses were hung.

Khaliq was brought over and was asked with which finger you squeezed the trigger?
Hi lifted his index finger and on the spot his finger was cut.
With this eye you aim. and they gouged his eye with a dagger.
They continued the torture till Khaliq was dead and there was no need to hang him.

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