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  General Mohammad Yonus
General Mohammad Yonus

Major General Mohammad Yunos Khan of the Afghan army  absolutely love his nation and valued spending time protecting his country's independence and territorial integrity, and a worthy heir to the great legacy of Afghan warriors.

One can say without exaggeration that General Mohammad Yunos Khan devoted his life to the protection of the citizens of his homeland.

Major General Mohammad Yunos Khan of the army headquarters was born in the village of Pashissar in the capital of Ghazni Province in 1929. He hailed from the Momand tribe of Lalpur Nangarhar. He completed his Secondary education at the Afghan Military Academy and higher education in India, Thereafter completing his vocational education in Turkey prior to returning to Kabul.

Mohammad Yunos Khan returned home joining the 15th division as Chief Cabinet Corps serving Kandahar. It was in Kandahar where he reached the rank of Brigadier General and transferred as the Commander of the seventh division at Reshkhor, Kabul.  In the late 70s he was transferred to Nangarhar as the commander of the 11 division of the Afghan National Army..

In the 70s the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan had reached a boiling point and General Yunos was assigned as the first line of defense in protecting the sovernty of Afghanistan.  With every military maneuver near the border, fear strucken Pakistani Army would vacate Peshawar and other major cities in the Pashun regions of Pakistan. For his work at the border Yunos Khan was promoted to the rank of Major General.

Major General Mohammad Yunos Khan during the bloody coup of 1979 moved his Army north towards Kabul where was ambushed and killed by the invading Russian Army. He was 50 year old.

General Yonus is survived by his wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters and numerous grandchildren.


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