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Election 2014: Afghan Presidential Elections ...More
WydaCooks: - Afghan Cooking recipes and cultural bits ...More
Afghanbuzz.com: Afghan Music and Entertainment portal...More
Afghanistan National Soccer Afghanistan's Soccer team wins again... More
Ibn Adam: Son of Adam, a mystical prince and a sufi darwish...More
Lookalikes: New Afghan celebrities, Politicians and and whom they resemble, Satire ... More
Abdul Khaliq Hazara: The assassin of King Nader Shah...More
Afghans Discovered America is a book that claims afghan monks discovered America thousand years before Columbus.. More
Durrand Line: Durrand treaty has expired and the land must return to Afghanistan...More
Miss England 2005 Hammasa Kohistani, a native of Afghanistan wins the Miss England beauty contest ... More
Instruments: The history of Instruments of Afghanistan and present evalution... More
Malalai of Maiwand: the woman who helped win the war...More
Rabeha Balkhi the princess of Balkh and a great poet.. More
Cartoons: Afghanland's Picture cartoons and video cartoons of Shrek and Bugs bunny singing Afghan songs ... More
Kamaluddin Behzad: Afghanistan's most famous painter of the 1500s...More
Afghan Movie Review A list of upcoming and current Afghan movies... More
Fahim Fazli: Aspiring afghan American actor, you know him from Rambo III and other films and shows... More
Abdul Ahad Momand is the First Afghan cosmonaut to visit the space station Mir... More
Saaz in Concert: Don't miss this lively fusion of afghan and western style group when they perform...More
Afghans of Australia: The Ghans, Afghans of Australia arrive in 1838... More
Hamid Karzai's New Cabinet: Governing Body of Afghanistan, Karzai's New Cabinet...More
Hakim Ludin Percussionist and a rising star in Europe ...more
Loya Jirga Traditional Grand assembly and Election results of the emergency Jirga... More
Election of 2009 1388: Ex Ministers trying oust old boss...More
Transitional Government of Afghanistan: Know your government officials... More
Afghan Artists: Biographies of Afghan Masters in Music Arts and Entertainment... More
Afghanistan's New Currency: View the all New Afghanis re-designed and printed... More
Republic of Afghanistan1973-1978 A Republic is born and Afghanistan is not ready... More
Ramin Saqib a young talented afghan artist with a bright future ...more
Provides food, proper housing, vocational training and education for the refugee children... More
HTAC US-based, non-profit organization, dedicated to help Afghan children... More
Zahir Shah and JFK Meeting: In 1963 Zahir Shah met JFK at the white house ...More
Hazara.net: Site dedicated to Hazaras  who  have lost their lives for Afghanistan.... More
Afghanland.com's Graphic Design firm Mysticalworks is now accepting orders... More
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