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  Bilal the Mazin of Islam

Afghanland.com - Bilal was a slave and would Shepard his master’s sheep and camel for a food, few dates or old clothes. He was a black man from Africa, Tall skinny and narrow shoulders

His mother and father were slaves; slaves of the day did not have any rights, no past nor future, he was born a slave and was to die a slave in position of his white master


He was tending a gathering in a house where Prophet Mohammad (s) had come to preach the local people about Islam. Bilal while serving the guests would listen to the word of Prophet Mohammad (s) from the corner of the room.


Prophet Mohammad (s) would talk about equality under Islam for Men and Women, He Would recite that there is no Rank, Color and Race in Islam; all are equal in presence of God. These words had an adverse affect on Bilal.


After the gathering ends, Bilal went to the Prophet and presented all his questions to him, and after learning more about Islam, He converts to Islam saying this is truly a religion of God where all men are created equally. Words of his conversion to Islam spreads and his master and other slave owners are appalled at this news


His masters would rip his clothes off and lay him on the Hot sand of the desert and two people would pick huge rocks and place Hot rocks on his chest day after day for weeks in order to change his faith and bring back to slavery but he would not.


My tongue won’t allow me to say nothing but God in his beautiful loud voice


He would be tight with ropes and drag him around town to disgrace him and to show other slaves that this act would not be tolerated. But Bilal did not give in; he kept saying Ahaddun, Ahaddun…


Why are you trying to kill a man who has nothing but loves for his God and his faith? Said Abubakr Siddiq (r), a deciple of Prophet Mohammad (s).


Abubakr Siddiq (r) who had suffered similarly along with Prophet Mohammad (s) bought Bilal for more than what slaves were worth and Abubakr Siddiq (r) and Prophet Mohammad (s) freed Bilal to practice his religion in peace.


Bilal was given the task of calling Muslims for prayer since he was a gifted


God is Great God is Great

God is Great God is Great

I testify that there is no god but God

I testify that there is no god but God

I testify that Mohammad (s) is the Messenger of God

I testify that Mohammad (s) is the Messenger of God

Come to prayer Come to prayer

Come to Goodness Come to Goodness

God is great God is great

There is no God But Allah  



Bilal joints the Battle to drive unbelievers out of the House God built by Prophet Abraham. Ibin Khalaf the man who would place hot rocks in his chest stands face to face against him in battle for Mecca. Bilal testifies that this man is the enemy of Islam and I testify this with 100% knowledge that hi is anti Islam. He draws his sword and battles his former master to the death of Ibn Khalaf.  


Mecca is captured and clears the House of God from any idols.  


Prophet Mohammad (s) requests that Bilal get on the roof of the Kaba (House of God) and call Muslims for prayer. Bilal climbs to the roof and calls as Muslims gather for prayers and five times a day there after until the death of Prophet Mohammad (s).

Thereafter he goes to fight for the rights of Muslims and fight for Islam. Who will call for prayer o Bilal said the people of Mecca? I will call for no one but the Prophet say Bilal and leaves. He Returns only at funeral of Abubakr Siddiq (r) and for last time calls Muslims for prayer and returns to his mission of spreading the word of God till the day he dies.


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