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  Five Daily Prayers

Prior to Prayers in your home and or at the local mosque one must attend to the following:

  1. All voices and noises will be lowered and the only the voice of God will be heard so When the Quran is recited, listen well

  2. When entering a mosque must Say Salaam and reply to salaam is a must Walikom Asalaam

  3. Men and Women must wash up before entering the mosque (except women recovering from childbirth and or on their menstrual period)

  4. Do not hold the Holy Quran unless you have Uzu (Wash Up)

  5. Do not enter the mosque with your shoes on, No Animals, no shirts with pictures of Idols and or living things.

  6. Lottery, gambling, blood, silk and gold for men are not allowed inside

  7. No laughing, joking, chatting, conversations inside the mosque

  8. No sales are allowed inside the mosque except those that benefit Islam.

  9. Do not bother others in the mosque by passing them to sit at the front; those whom arrive late should stay in the back

Clothing should be as follows


  1. From the neck to the ankles and wrists covered

  2. Shoulders must always be covered

  3. See through clothes are forbidden


  1. All covered except the face, hands and feet

  2. Tight cloths that show the shape of a woman’s body is forbidden in Islam

  3. See through scarves or clothes are forbidden

God loves action more than words, do not say my intentions are clean, my heart is clean, show how pure and clean you are


Onions and garlic eaters must wash their mouths thoroughly so the scent will not bother your fellow Muslim


If a huge amount of any item consumed that causes you to loose sense reality, even a small amount of it is Haram (forbidden)


Sitting at the mosque should be contained, do not stretch you legs or lay down at the mosque


All Muslims are bothers and sisters and none are better than other


Educated Muslims should teach their peers what they know


Help your local mosques, build mosques, furnish it, expand them

Pray towards the Kaba, (the first mosque built by Prophet Abraham) through the closest rout, if you cannot find the direction of Mecca, any guesstimate direction is okay since the world is round.

Five Daily Prayers in Islam

Morning Afternoon Evening Night Bedtime
Sobh Pesheen Deegar Shaam Khoftan
Fajr Dzuhr Asr Maghrib  Is'haa
How to Pray
For Prayer Times in your local Area Click Here

Namaz peesheen: 4 rakat sunnat, 4 rakat farz, 2 rakat sunnat

Namaz deegar: 4 rakat farz

Namaz shaam: 3 rakat farz, 2 rakat sunnat

Namz  khoftan: 4 rakat farz, 2 rakat sunnat, 3 rakat witrey wajeb.


Namaz soab (Morning) : 2 sunnat, 2 farz

  2 sunnat:
niyat:  “ saying ur intentions that u will pray 2 rakat sunnat”
raise hands up to ears and say “ Allahu Akbar”
place right hand on left hand below navel
  1. recite “subhanaka allahumma 

  2. recite “A’udhu billahi minash shaitanir rajim, Bismillahir rahimanir rahim”

  3. recite “ Al hamd

  4. recite “ Qul hu wal lahu ahad

Say Allahu Akbar and bow

Bow ( Ruku) place both hands on ur knees and head down looking at your feet.

  1. recite “subhana rabbil Azim” three times while u are still bowing

Stand back up from Ruku while  reciting “ sami allahu liman hamidah, Rabbana lakal hamd.

Recite allahu Akbar and go down for sujda ( your forehead, nose and both palms, knees and feet touching the floor) and

  1. recite “ subhana rabbial Alah” 3 times

get up from floor while sitting and say allah akbar placing both hands on knees.
recite “allaha akbar and go back to sajuda and say subhana rabbial alah” 3 times

Get back up from floor and say “ Allahu Akbar”  and stand up.


  1. Recite “Al hamdu lil lahi…………”

  2. ***Recite “ Qul wallahuAhad…………..”

Bow down for ruku ( reciting subhan rabbil azim 3 times)
go down for sujda ( reciting subhan rabbil al allah 3 times doing this twice)

Sitting (last rakat)

  1. Recite “ At tahiyyatu lillahi……………”

  2. Recite “ Alla huma salli allah……”

  3. recite “ Alla huma barik allah………..”

  4. recite  “ Alla huma raba nah……”

Turn your face to right shoulder and say “ Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Turn face to left shoulder and say “ Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.


Done with 2 rakat sunnat!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 rakat farz

Same as sunnat except that the second time when u stand up….don’t recite qul walahu ahad. ***


Done with namaz soab!!!!!






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