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Chopaan guardians come in many different colors such as solid white, brindle, party color, and black. 

The muzzle can be light or dark.  The ears and tail are cropped and have been for thousands of years. 


Males are bigger then most females which is true of most breeds.  Males can range from 27 inches to as big as 34

 inches at the shoulders in height.  They can weigh in anywhere from 120-185 lbs depending on their stature and

 bone.  Males are very dominant and like to assert that with other males in their territory.  Males bark when they see

 a stranger or any kind of danger. 


Females are a bit smaller then most males in size.  Females can range from 23 inches to 30 inches in height. 

They weigh between 90 to 140lbs.  They are more aggressive then the males and always on guard. 

The females also bark more and also dig more then the males.


The coats come in 3 different varieties ranging from long to short.  These coats were a direct influence of the climate

 they lived in.   The mountain terrain produced the longer coat CAS which sheds about twice a year with severe

 season change.  The dogs that live in average weather conditions had a shorter but a full coat with a under coat. 

The dogs that lived in the desert had the shortest coat due to harsh dry heat.  Now days, the medium hair CASD is

 the one mostly bred.  Humid weather does not go well with any of these coat types.


The head types are also in 3 different categories.  The most correct type of head is the brick head which has

minimal to no stop.   The brick head is the most sought after head type.  The Second head type is the bear head

 which is a little bulkier then the brick with an average stop at the forehead.  This head type is not very common in

 this breed.  The third head type is the wedge head.  This head type is a little narrower and more pointed towards

the end.  This head type is also not very common.


The CASD was used for Guarding and protection of the family and their livestock.   They attach to their owners

before they will bond with the livestock.  They will usually fight to death if they are against a predator.  They are

good with commands and some are easier to train then others.  They are usually very submissive to their owners

 specially the females.  Every breeding produces different types of temperaments.  Usually these traits are obvious

 even when they are a day old.  Some are more aggressive and some are more timid and shy then the others. 

Overall they have a very loving and caring relationship with their owners and the animals they grow up with. 

They are very territorial and they like to claim everything in their home or yard as theirs.  They are very social

animals and it is very wise to socialize them from a very early age.  They will jump over fences that are up to 7 feet

in height so fencing is very important.  They need good size backyard or land to run around on.