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The Chopaan Guardians is a website dedicated to the Central Asian Shepherd dog. 

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs is a collection of different breed types that came about in the areas such as

 Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and the most of the southern Russian provinces.

  Known as Kochee in Afghanistan, Alabai in Turkmenistan and Central Asian Ovcharka in the Russian provinces.

  This breedís history is very old and rich dating back at least 5,000  years.  This breed is not man made and was

the product of the harsh environment in which they lived.  These dogs were used mostly by Nomadic tribes known

as "Kochi" and settlers mostly in the outskirts for guarding.   These dogs were used for livestock, family protection

 and keeping strangers and predators away.  This breed is an Extra large breed with minimal maintenance and not

 many  health issues.   They come in many different colors, coats, and head types.  They love their family and will

do anything to make sure they are safe.  We want to Thank Jeannine De Palma and Vince De Palma for their on

going support and wonderful dogs they have provided for us.