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  Raziq Faani

By Afghanland.com: From a nation of undiscovered geniuses, spiritual masters of poetry, literature and mystical works comes a new generation of poets, the contemporary poets of Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s arts and literature has suffered greatly since the invasion of the Russian army in 1978 and other wars that followed thereafter. Afghan Artists, Poets, Writers were scattered all over the world and vanished, their art disappeared and some cease to continue their work. Amongst these artists was Rariq Faani who took a pen wrote his eyewitness on paper in form of beautiful afghan style poetry.


Raziq Faani was born in Kabul Afghanistan (1943) He Finished his primary education in "Habibia" high school in Kabul where excelled in many subjects but deem politics and economics a better fit for him. Mr. Faani he continued his higher education by traveling abroad to Bulgaria and earned his Masters degree in Political economics in Sofia Bulgaria (1977).


According to Afghanland.com, Rariq Fani returned to Afghanistan and began work on this first love, poetry. He wrote many vases and was encouraged by his peers to compile these vases in book, which he had completed by 1966 entitled “Armaghan e Jawani” In 1983 he published his second project, a novel about life in Afghanistan. In 1987 He published a semi political collection and short stories and satire entitled “Ameer e Ba Salaheyat” and with the situation in Kabul turning to chaos day by day he migrated In 1988 and lives in San Diego California with his family.


Following are his published books:

  • ARMAGHAN-E-JAWAANEE (Collection of poems) Kabul Afghanistan 1966.


  • BAARAANA (Novel) Kabul Afghanistan 1983.


  • PAYAAMBER-E-BAARAN (Collection of poems) Kabul Afghanistan 1986.


  • AMER-E-BA SALAHEYAT (Short stories and satire) Kabul Afghanistan 1987.


  • ABER-WA-AFTAAB (Collection of poems) California 1994.


  • SHEKAST-E-SHAB (Collection of poems) California 1997.


Raziq Faani passed away on April 22 2007 in San Diego, California. He was 63.

Faani's poetic legacy depicts the suffering and the perseverance of the people of Afghanistan through three decades of war. Faani’s poetry transcended the printed page and was made into songs by contemporary singers. His most famous line is:

His most famous lines are:

همه جا دکان رنگ است،    همه رنگ مي‌فروشندRaziq Fani afghanland.com all rights reserved
دل من به شيشه سوزد،      همه سنگ مي‌فروشند
به کرشمه‌ای، نگاهش،       دل ساده‌لوح ما را
چه به ناز مي‌ربايد،           چه قشنگ مي‌فروشد
شرری بگير و آتش           به جهان بزن تو ای آه
ز شراره‌ای که هر شب،     دل تنگ مي‌فروشد
به دکان بخت مردم             که نشسته است يا رب
گل خنده مي‌ستاند،             غم جنگ مي‌فروشد؟
دل کس به کس نسوزد         به محيط ما به حدّی
که غزال، چوچه‌اش را        به پلنگ مي‌فروشد
مدتي‌ است کس نديده           گُهری به قُلزُمِ ما
که صدف هر آن‌چه دارد،     به نهنگ مي‌فروشد
ز تنور طبع «فانی»            تو مجو سرود آرام
مَطَلب گل از دکانی             که تفنگ مي‌فروشد

ميزان ۱۳۵۸ سَمَنگان


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